I want to enroll at the university in Russia. Where do I start?FAQ

Visit our website – we have prepared detailed guidelines for you – “Five Steps to Studying in Russia”.

Find a suitable programme and contact the International department of the university you are planning to go to. Contact information for international students you can find at the page of each university.

I want to study at one of Russian universities. When and how should I apply?

You’ve made an important decision that will determine your future career and personal life! Applications for study on a foundation course are accepted from 1st March until 1st October.Applications for study on main courses (first and subsequent years) are accepted from 1st March until 15th August of each year for passport-holders of visa-free countries and from 1st March until 15th July for passport holders of countries requiring a visa. To get more detailed information on the specialties provided, as well as the contact information of the representative in your country, please, fill in the application form on-line.

IMPORTANT: Acceptance of applications is carried out in accordance with the quota of places provided by Russian state universities for foreign students. Thus, once you’ve made your choice of the university, we recommend you not to postpone the submission of your application. Places are limited!

More detailed information on the set of documents for submission to the state universities in Russia is available on the page “Required documents”.

How can I study in Russia if I don't know Russian?

Leading Russian universities normally offer Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programmes in English. To learn more, see the Study in English section.

You can choose to study Russian at the university's international student pre-school or Russian language courses. If you enrol with Russian government funding, you will also be able to study Russian free of charge. To learn more, see the Life in Russia section on Learning Russian.

Are foreign students provided with the hostel?

Yes. All foreign students studying in the universities of Russia through the "Sky Education" organization are provided with a place in 2-3-bed room in the student hostel. Rooms meet the sanitary standards established in Russia, are equipped with necessary furniture (desk, chair, bed, bedside table) and provided with bedding. Necessary accessories for personal use (dishes, kettle, fridge, TV, computer, etc.), students must purchase at their own expense. In winter, all the rooms in the student hostel and the university are heated, the average temperature is + 20-25C. On each floor or in each block (depending on the type of hostel) there are toilets and showers with hot and cold water supply. Almost every student hostel has or is located close to cafes, gyms, classrooms, laundry facilities, telephones for long distance communication, medical rooms, Internet centers. Unlike many other European countries, Russian hostels have a kitchen on each floor, where you can prepare food according to your taste. All the hostels must be kept in order and cleanliness. The interests of neighbors should be considered and respected. At night, the silence must be observed. Whatever the origin, citizenship, nationality, status and wealth of a student is, students live as one big multicultural family. In the hostels students are responsible for the cleanliness and order in their rooms. The cleanliness of the common areas (hallways, kitchens, showers and toilets) is supervised by a cleaner – hostel employee. During the whole period of studies the student bears full responsibility for the property given to him by the university. The average cost of living in a hostel, depending on the city, university and hostel type ranges from 20 to 50 dollars per month.

Proceeding Documents

What is life and health insurance?

Before the student's arrival in Russia, "Sky Education" issues an insurance card in one of the Russian insurance companies. The insurance card provides a student with life and health insurance throughout Russia. Within three days after arrival in Russia, a student is given the original of the card. The insurance card guarantees that at the time of illness the student will receive necessary medical care, based on the program of insurance coverage. The card specifies contact phones of medical institutions, which a student should address. Moreover, the insurance company informs "Sky Education" on those students who fell ill or sought medical advice, thus, "Sky Education" is able to monitor and control the health of students, and to give the parents information on the health of their children. With no insurance card, migration registration of a student is impossible. Therefore, an insurance card is not just desirable, but obligatory for any foreign citizen arriving in the Russian Federation to study. Insurance card is issued for 1 year, its cost amounts from 150 USD to 250 USD. Insurance card is to be renewed annually.

What is the “invitation letter for study”?

The “invitation letter for study” – is an official document, that is issued at the Department of Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation. It usually takes around 20 to 35 days to issue the official “Invitation Letter for Studies”. Invitation letter confirms the fact that a student can get admission to one of the universities in Russia. A student’s visa can be proceeded at the Embassy/General Consulate of the Russian Federation only if the original of the official ‘invitation letter for study” issued by the Department of Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation is provided.
The invitation letter is valid for the period from 30 to 90 days from the date of issue, so to get a student visa and enter the territory of Russia, you should apply to the Embassy/Consulate General of Russia in due time. Remember: The student must enter Russia 15 days before the end of "Student visa" expiration date!

Should I get a “student visa” at the Russian Embassy?

Yes, you should. However, a number of countries (mainly countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, i.e. the countries of the former Soviet Union) have intergovernmental agreements with Russia on a bilateral visa-free regime, according to which the issuance of student visa is not required. To clarify, if you need to get a student visa, please send us a request to the following e-mail: info@eduruss.com, specifying your country of citizenship. At the same time, remember that for non-visa countries issuance of "confirmation of admission letter” from the University is required. “Sky Education” will assist you in that after careful consideration of your complete set of documents.

What is the''migration card''?

The migration card is an official document that confirms that the student crossed the Russian border. It is important and necessary for the following registration process. Without migration card registration on the territory of Russia is impossible, the student will be deported back to his/her country. The migration card is usually given by a flight attendant on board of the plane. It can also be obtained from the immigration service on arrival at the airport. The migration card consists of two identical parts that need to be filled in. At the airport at the passport check-point immigration officer stamps the entry sign on two halves, he keeps one half and returns another one to a student. Before leaving the passport check-point the student should make sure that his/her piece of the migration card is stamped. The migration card must be kept in safely and the student should always carry it (together with the passport) until the end of stay in Russia.

What is the registration?

Registration gives foreign student a legal right to stay on the territory of Russia for the period of registration. Usually the period of registration is one year. Registration should be renewed annually 2-3 weeks before its termination via Passport and visa service of the University. Upon arrival at the university, the student should submit the required documents to process the registration within 3 days after arrival. The duration of the registration processing is 10-15 days. The original of the student’s passport is taken by the Federal Migration Service Office. The record of registration is put on the migration card. The address of the student’s hostel where the student lives is noted there. The registration and the visa require that the passport is valid for a minimum period of 2 years. It is recommended to renew the passport before traveling to Russia for the full period of study. The cost of the state fee for migration registration is 1,050 rubles (about $ 20) and paid by the student through the bank.

Russian Life

How much money does an average student spend in Russia? How much do I need to bring with me?

On average, a Russian student spends 300 to 400 US dollars a month. However, you need to have around 300 or 400 dollars for miscellaneous expenses, such as health insurance, household equipment (kitchenware, bed linen, and cleaning items), and certain study materials.