The Russian Universities Education System

The students coming to Russia for education first of all have Russian language courses at the pre-faculty within 1 year. They study in groups of 5-10 people wholy consisting from foreigners. The course begins in September and finishes in June. The studying year in Russia starts from the first of September. Russian students have in common 10 months of classes starting from the beggining of September till the end of June.If for the bachelor generally they graduate in 4 years while master degree takes 2 years (except for the Medical faculty). Russian universities the education you get in Russia and its universities themselves are worldwide known as in Europe and Asia so in Africa and America.

The prices for education in Russia / Russian Universities prices

russian-universitiesThe advantage of Russian education is its adequacy of prices. If you compare with the alternatives universities of the other countries the Russian universities’ prices will be the lowest ones in the most of the cases. The yearly prices for a long term education are starting from 1200$, you also can take the one year russian language courses as well.Russian is spoken by about 260 million people worldwide and some 10.5 million foreigners are regularly learning Russian. Russian universities offer different Russian language programmes, including courses, summer schools, and distance learning. In preparatory courses, international students take a year-long course in the Russian language and, for students who are enrolled in state-funded places (government scholarships), it is provided free of charge.


The Russian Universities Dormitories / Hostels in Russia

The Russian Universities provide the students with hostels.While some of the hostels propose such conveniences as kitchen and bathroom in common usage(each one for the floor), the other ones have kitchens and bathrooms right in the rooms. The prices for the hostel accomodation Moscow and St Petersburg 75-200 $. If for the other big Russian cities, the accomodation there will cost 20-50$.

The students who study in Russia will be provided with services as followed

As the Sky Education Team we offer our students the following services:



-The meeting up in airport

-1 Year health insurance

-The payment for the first year of education

-The payment for the first year of hostel

-Translation of the requiret documents to the Russian language and their notarization

-The information support during the whole studying period

-There research for the best variant that matches our client

-We help with pre registiration in the university choosen and pripare the invitation

-We met our students at the airport we organize at tranfer to the place of a students accomodation where a student goes followed by the education consulter who helps with registiration and provides with anything that student needs in

-The education consalter also helps with the registiration at he university itself.