Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University

St.Petersburg Polytechnic University has a long-standing and successful history over 100 years where a great deal of important discoveries and inventions have been made. It was founded in 1899. SPbPU has recently become the “National Research University” a recognized Russian and international leader in the fi eld of engineering and economic education with rich educational, scientifi c and innovation infrastructure. Headed by leading scientists, there were established new competence centers in the priority scientifi c areas.The university has been developing successful partnerships with over 100 leading international companies to perform profound researches through their requests.

Nowadays, SPbPU is the leading university of Russia with over than 26 000 students and rapidly increasing number of foreign students. The University is a member of Academic Excellence program among Russian Universities “5-100-2020”. SPbPU is listed in the QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education (THE) where it has the 113 position among European universities. The University is carrying out education and research activities in the following areas: natural science, engineering, economics and humanities. The University is proud of its longstanding traditions of international cooperation with many foreign educational institutions, research organizations and industrial companies.

St.Petersburg Polytechnic University is a large Russian technical university, encompassing a number of long-standing, high-profile scientific schools and holding an impressive track record of undisputed achievements in research, education and innovation. Drawing on key global trends in research and development, technology and education, the ambitious “Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100” issued the challenge to the Polytechnic University to join the world’s top 100 universities by the year 2020 and thus win a position at the cutting edge of the global education.

The strategic goal of SPbPU is the modernization and development of the university into a leading globally competitive research and education center for integrating interdisciplinary research and world-class technologies.

Polytechnic University sees its overall mission in ensuring its continued competitive advantage in the domestic and foreign markets of educational services and providing reliable assistance to the state in reinforcing the economic power and international presence of Russia. It aims to become a globally competitive research and education center, to attain a ranking among the world’s top universities, to render advanced training to new generations of personnel, and to play an instrumental role in the technological modernization of strategic industries by employing interscience and advanced pan-industry technology.

Hostels Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University

Over 7000 students from other cities and countries live in dormitories of SPbPU campus. All dormitories are situated not far from the academic buildings of the university and underground stations. The campus is divided in 3 complexes of dormitories: “on Lesnoy prospect”, “on Ploshchad Muzhestva” and “on Grazhdansky prospect”.

Generally foreign university students live in two-room fully-accommodated living blocks in dormitory of complex “on Grazhdansky prospect” and in the new dormitory №8 of complex “on Ploshchad Muzhestva”.

For guests and business partners of SPbPU as well as parents and guests of students and applicants there is an opportunity to live in superior hostel rooms of the campus. Regarding room reservation and guests’ accommodation apply for the administration of the secondary service complex.

For students to live a comfortable, active and interesting life in dormitories there are tennis and fitness rooms, classrooms, launderettes, broadband Internet and digital TV access. Dormitories have free Wi-Fi zones. There are also sportsgrounds, sports clubs and a student union on the campus territory. Various tournaments on mini-football, ping-pong, chess and other sport events are held every year and over 20 dormitory teams participate in them.

Bachelor’s degree

The first University level degree is the Bachelor’s degree. In order to qualify for a bachelor’s degree, you will generally need to have completed secondary school at a level equivalent to that offered in the country where you wish to study. In some cases you may need to do an extra preparatory year due to certain special requirements for language and scientific or mathematical studies.Duration of studies: 4 years.

Mathematics and Mechanics

Physics and astronomy

Chemical sciences

Earth sciences

Biological sciences

Equipment and technology of construction

Computer science and engineering

Electronics, radio and communication systems

Photonics, instrument engineering, optical and biotechnical systems

Utilities and thermal power

Mechanical engineering

Industrial ecology and biotechnology

Technosphere safety

Materials science and technology

Management in technical systems

Nanotechnology and nanomaterials




Political science and regional studies

Education and pedagogical sciences

Historical sciences and archeology

Philosophy, ethics and religious studies

Physical culture and sports


Institute of Industrial Economics and Management

International Business


Institute of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Environmental engineering and water recourses management

Institute of Energy and Transport Systems

Heat and Power Engineering

Electrical and Electrical

Power Engineering

Power-machine engineering

Technological Machinery and Equipment

Motor Transport and Technology Systems

Nuclear Power and Thermal Physics

Institute of Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering and Transport


Technological Machinery and Equipment

Design and Technological Support of Machine Production

Materials Science and Technology of Materials


Motor Transport and Technology Systems

Automation of processing procedures and production

Transportation Engineering Technology

Nanotechnology and Microsystems Engineering


Institute of Physics, Nanotechnology and Telecommunications


Radio engineering

Telecommunications Technologies and Communication Systems

Electronics and Nanoelectronics

Technical Physics

Institute of Computer Science and Technology

Fundamental Computer Science and Information Technology

Mathematical Software and Information Systems Administration

Information Science and Computer Engineering

Information Systems and Technologies

Applied Information Science

Software Engineering

Systems Analysis and Control

Control in Engineering Systems


Science in Technology Management

Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling

Mathematics and Computer Science

Applied Mathematics and Physics

Applied Mechanics

Institute of Industrial Economics and Management

Applied Information Science

Quality control




Human resources management

State and Municipal Management

Business Informatics


Commodity Research


Institute of Humanities


Regional studies



Advertising and Public Relations


Institute for Military Engineering and Safety Research

Technosphere Safety

Higher School of Biotechnology and Food Technology


Public Sector Catering Management

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