St. Petersburg State University Of Arhitecture And Civil Engineering

Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPSUACE) carries out enrollment and academic arrangement of foreign citizens on the purpose of preparing specialists for foreign countries.

SPSUACE has been teaching foreign citizens since 1946. At present the number of foreign students at the university exceeds 600 people coming out of over 50 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, America and other countries from the Far East as well as from CIS.

Education of foreign students on bachelor, specialist, master degree programs and post-graduate degrees is maintained according to the same education directions and programs as for the Russian students. The training is maintained either on the contract basis or under the assignment of Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation.

The academic year consists of two semesters which begin in September and February respectively. Foreign students study with the Russian ones in the same groups.

Language of training – Russian.
Training duration depends on the education direction and the specialty chosen by a student.
 Students of bachelor degree programs study from 4 to 5 years;
 Students of specialty degree programs study from 5 to 6 years;
 Students of master degree programs study 2 years.

List of training directions under bachelor, expert, master,postgraduate programs

Since its foundation Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering has prepared over 2000 specialists for foreign countries. University graduates work in different countries of the world. In most countries diplomas issued by Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering are recognized as well as European and American ones. For the last 50 years Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering has not received any claims concerning the level of education from foreign countries.


Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering has two comfortable hostels for foreign students to live. Both hostels are situated near the historic centre of Saint-Petersburg on the bank of the Fontanka river, 123 and Boitsov pereulok 5 10-15 minutes of walk from the university and the nearest underground stations – Sadovaya, Sennaya Ploschad’ and Technologicheskii Institute.
The area where the hostels are situated has a well-developed infrastructure. Near the hostels there are groceries and, shopping centers, sports complexes and clubs, markets, cafes and restaurants with Chinese, Mexican and other world cuisines.
Near the hostel there are historic places of interest, for example the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Nikol’skii cathedral, Saint Isaac’s cathedral, Mariinsky theatre and etc.
The university provides the hostel with all necessary furniture (bed, writing table, closets and cupboards etc) and bedding.
In the basement there a laundry.
Hostels are provided with Internet and cable TV.
Both hostels are supported by twenty-four hour guardians, video surveillance. Entering the hostels from 6 a.m. till 1 a.m. only by presenting the pass.
There is a police station just in five-minute walk from the hostels (Sadovaya street, 58)
Students can spend leisure time in the hostel there a student club “Kirpich” where different entertainments, discos, etc. are held.

Bachelor’s degree

Appplied mathematics and computer science
Reconstruction and restoration of architectural heritage
Design of an architectural milieu
Urban planning
Civil engineering
Construction of unique buildings and structures
Construction, exploitation, renovation, and technical covering of motor roads, bridges and tunnels
Heat and power engineering and equipment
Electrical power engineering and equipment
Applied mechanics
Technical sphere safety
Land planning and cadastres
Technology of transport processes
Exploitation of transport technological machines and complexes
Land transport and technological means


Standardization and metrology
Economic safety
Forensic expertise
Applied mathematics and computer science

Application for education in Russia

    Country of Residence

    Desired Level of Education