Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Bauman Moscow State Technical University has 19 departments providing full-time education. University provides postgraduate and doctorate programs and has two affiliated secondary schools. More than 19,000 students study in BMSTU, and specialties cover all range of modern machine and instrument building. More than 320 doctors of science (Russian degree higher than PhD) and 2000 candidates of science (similar to PhD) teach and do research in BMSTU. Main parts of the University are eight scientific and educational divisions. Each of them consists of scientific and educational branch. Several branch departments also exist, they deal with particular fields of industry. They are based on big factories and organizations, situated in Moscow, Moscow suburbs (Reutov, Krasnogorsk and Korolev) and in Kaluga. BMSTU has unique experience of teaching hearing-impaired students since 1934.

Bauman Moscow State Technical University photoBauman Moscow State Technical University  is one of the three Russian universities (along with Lomonosov Moscow State University and Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University) that started in 1926 military education of students. Today military institute carries out training of military officers of 21 specialties. Military specialties are based on civil ones and help to teach high-qualified civil specialists. The institute consists of five military subdepartments (one of them is in Kaluga branch), civil defense subdepartment and military training center. Practical training is carried out in Dmitrov branch, where military hardware is deployed.

BMSTU is a scientific and educational center, which implements the integration of education and science in order to prepare highly qualified specialists, who are able to perform at the highest level of development in the fields of modern technology, high-tech industries, and also knowledgeable in the fields of economics, management, business, civil rights, and foreign languages.20,000 students and 2,000 graduate students study in the 19 faculties. Scientific and academic work is carried out by 700 Dr. habil. and 2,500 PhDs.

Bauman Moscow State Technical University has wide international cooperation: student exchanges, postgraduates, doctorates, teachers and scientists, teaching international students, common research, education methodology development, conferences, seminars, and congresses. Now the University has relations with more than 70 universities in Europe, America and Asia.

Bauman Moscow State Technical University Dermitories

Bauman Moscow State Technical University

The size of the University is comparable to the size of a small city. In addition to its six main buildings along the Yauza river in the center of Moscow, Bauman Moscow State Technical
University includes a branch in the city of Kaluga, its own experimental facilities in Dmitrov,a specialized robot center, several independent laboratories, and a sports complex, complete with a swimming pool, arena, playing fields, a climbing wall, and recreation centers. The University supports students’daily lives by providing security service, cafeterias, a pilot plant, a publishing house and a health center.

International students and students from other cities in Russia live in 10 dormitories, which have a total area of more than 9000 square meters. The main building of BMSTU is the Slobodskoy Palace – a landmark building. On its territory there are more than 100 unique historical artifacts, as well as many valuable items, which are carefully preserved in the University’s museum. Most classrooms are equipped with modern multimedia equipment.
The Center for Health and psychological relief of students is located in the Lecture hall of Research and Education Center.

Faculties and centers of education and science

-Engineering Business & Management

-Computer Science and Control Systems

-Biomedical Engineering

-Electronics and Laser Technology

-Robotics and Complex Automation

-Mechanical Engineering

-Power Engineering

-Mechanical Engineering Technologies

-Fundamental Sciences

-The Faculty of International Educational Programs

-Department of Law, Intellectual Property and Legal Expertise

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