Moscow State University Of Civil Engineering

Moscow State University Of Civil Engineering

The National Research University Moscow State University of Civil Engineering is the leading instution of the Russia Federation in the field of construction and architectural education.

Moscow State University Of Civil EngineeringMoscow State University Of Civil Engineering is the participant of the contest on the filiation of universities of the Russian Federation for the right of independent selection for the training on the basis of quatas of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for well perfoming candidates and winners of the Olympiad Its time to study is Russia!

The students are provided with improved and secure hostel located in the campus of the University in the 15 min. Walk from the academic buildings the hostel rooms are designed for 2 and 3 persons.University also provide registration and visa support and medical care. We offer students the Scientific and Technical Library, Palace of Sports, psychological support service, modern dining room, recreation centers in the Moscow region and on the Sea of Azov, sightseeing tours and partipationin scientific and cultural life of the University.

Hostels Moscow State University Of Civil Engineering

Moscow State University of Civil Engineering campus has 10 comfortable hostel for more than 5000 students.They are arranged as three groups of buildings Moscow University Of Civil Engineeringin Moscow and the Moscow region. All dorms are located in closo proximity to lecture halls.

Each dorm room is designated for two or three students. Each dorm floor has fully equipped kitchens. Guest rooms are ready to accommodate guests of Moscow State University of Civil Engineering. Each guest room has a refrigerator,a television, and a electric kettle. The dorms have Internet access.

The dorms have washing machines, lockers, stores, refreshment rooms and cafeterias. The dorm are patrolled by the security service.

The campus has multiple leisure and sports facilities. Football, five o side football, chess tournamentsare held by the physical training and sports department of the University between teams representing different dorms. A skating rink is open in winter. Students can practice race walking, jogging, skiing and bicycling at Lossiny Ostrov forest nearby.



Applied Mathematics

-Application of mathematical methods to the solution

Of economic and engineering challenges



Urban Planning

-Town Planning


-Heat,ventilation,water supply and sanitationof

Buildings,settlements and structures

-Civil and industrial engineering

-Building engineering,power,

Hydraulic engineering and environmental facility engineering

-Expertise and real estate management

-Technical operation of housing and communal services and urban infrastructure

-Production and use of buildings materials,products and structures


-Civil and industrial engineering

Construction of Unique Buildings and Structures

-Construction of high rise and large span buildings

-Construction of hydraulic structures of enhanced responsibility

-Construction of thermal and nuclear power facilities

-Underground construction

Computer Science

-System engineering and automation of engineering and management in construction

Automation of Technological Processes and Production

Automation of engineering and construction technologies

Chemical Technology

-Chemical Technology of Refractory Non metal Silicate Materials

Technosphere Safety

-Fire safety

-Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering and Water Manegement

-Complex use,and protection of water objects

Land Transport and Technological Complexes

-Hoisting –and-transport,building,road machines and equipment

Standardization and Metrology

-Standardization and Meterology

Technical Systems Management

Intelligent Systems and Automation in Construction

Decorative Treatment Technology

-Art reatment of materials technology


-Economy of enterprises and organizations


-Production management

-Financial management

State and Municipal Management

-Regional and municipal

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