We are in the sphere of preparing the future leaders of tomorrow by offering a chance to study abroad today. By enrolling in Russian universities and classes you can ensure that you are ready to meet the challenges that lie ahead in a world filled by international commerce. Many times, the years spent in college do not prepare an individual for a career in the workforce. By moving past your comfort zone, you can show potential employers that you have what it takes to become a future leader. Prepare yourself for the career you have dreamed of by attending a Russian school that will prepare you for a future in medicine, business, economics and more. Don’t fall victim to the old school system by lagging behind in important subject areas. Prepare yourself, and your future by investing in the classes that you will need in order to enter the business world. Set yourself apart from your competition and take advantage of a chance that may never come your way again. We will help you to discover the university that is right for you, and guide you through the process of applying for a Russian education. Let a group of professionals take you through the steps needed to help you get into the university of your dreams.

For Parents

We know what an important step is the decision to send your child to get higher education overseas. It seems that your child will never get used to a different cultural environment, climatic conditions, language, food, people… However, think about prestigious profession and Russian degree of state university which is internationally recognized, and temporary challenges such as the cultural adaptation in new country will easily turn into exciting advantages. At the end of the day this is what you have always dreamed about and for what your child aspired conquering the most complex sciences in school.We will also provide here the information which could be useful and interesting for the parents of our students…

We recommend you to let your child make his/her own decision on the choice of the future profession and university where he/she wants to study. It will assure high motivation and responsibility for the success in studies. Check, however, that the choice of the profession is based on intellectual passion, not immediate emotion. The future profession should be chosen taking into consideration requirements of employment market, as well as prospects of economic development of your country in the coming years. Do not forget, however, about child’s personal abilities and preferences. From our experience, the students who have successfully finished the school, do not always succeed in their studies at university, if the choice of specialty was made by their parents and not by themselves. At the same time very often the students who studied in school at medium level, are very successful at the University as they are motivated in mastering the course they like and passionate about acquiring their future profession.