Peoples’ Friendship University of Russi(RUDN University)

rudn universityThe Peoples’ Friendship University of is an educational and research institution located in southern Moscow. It is ranked by the Ministry of Education of Russia as the country’s third-best university after Moscow State University and Saint Petersburg Stat University. The institution was founded in 1960 as the Peoples’ Friendship. Its stated objective during the height of the Cold War was to help developing nations, mainly in Asia, Africa and South America, by providing higher education and professional training. Many students from developed countries also attended the university.
Today RUDN University is one of the leading state higher educational institutions of Russia. It is the only university in the world every year uniting students from 145-150 countries. The University has a multiprofile structure of faculties and majors, typical for classical universities of the world. More than 77 thousand graduates of the University work in 170 countries, among them more than 5500 holders of PhD and Doctorate degrees. Specialists are prepared in 62 majors and lines of study. More than 29 thousand graduate and postgraduate students from 140 countries are currently studying at the university. They represent more than 450 nations and nationalities of the world.

RUDN University HostelsRUDN University Hostels

The RUDN University has its own campus with 13 student hostels.The student campus is situated along Miklukho-Maklaya street. The University hostels have all the necessary furniture and bed-sheets.

The manager of a Rudn University hostel runs all the hostel economic sector. He delivers equipment and furniture, provides the necessary repairs, and is in charge of the work of the lecture halls and halls for individual studies. The locker, a small laundry and ironing room is also in his command. The hostel manager supervises wardens on duty who provide furniture, give the keys, bed sheets etc to the residents of the hostel. Bed sheets are obtained from the linen-keeper if you have a lodging order. Bed sheets are changed minimum 3 times a month.

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia The campus of the PFUR has a lot of consumer services: laundries, lockers, cafes, Internet-cafes. There are mini-markets in every hostel. Buildings have good TV aerials.

All the buildings of the campus are equipped with a modern system of video surveillance, security, automatic fire alarm system connected to the central control room. Students have regular fire drills.

The Peoples’ Friendship University Faculties

Faculty of Humanitatian and Social Sciences

Bachelor‘s programmes: 

Public Administration Program



Political Science

International relations


Arts and humanities

Master’s programmes: 

World history and mass communications

History and dialogue of cultures

Contemporary History and Modern Information Environment

National History of ХIХ – early ХХI cc.

Contemporary tendencies in History of Russia and China: comparative approach

Foreign Regional Studies (Training Field “Middle East”)

Foreign Regional Studies (Training Field “China”)

World Politics: Conceptual Framework and Interculturality

World Politics in Cooperation with Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

World Politics: Conceptual Bases and Interculturality in Cooperation with the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain)

World Politics in Cooperation with the CIS Network University

International institutions and political processes

Russia and Neighboring Regions in Cooperation with Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages

Russia and Neighboring Regions in Cooperation with State Institute of International Relations of Moldova

Russia and Neighboring Regions

French-speaking Countries of the World

Social institutions: interaction and management

Social processes and social management

Sociology of management and social management» joint program with Shandong University, China

Strategic analysis, modelling and planning of socio-political actions

Theory, methodology and methods of sociology: history and contemporaneity

Arts and Humanitarian science

Creative industries and cultural management

Cultural heritage: research and management together with the Balearics University, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Cultural heritage: research and management together with the Balearics University, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Political institutions, processes and technologes

Political problems of globalizing world in cooperation with Shandong University, China

Political problems of the European integration and political science together with the Institute of Political Studies at the University of Bordeaux, France

Political processes and analytical technologies

Political Science Masters Training

Public Administration and Political Science” in collaboration with the University of Potsdam, Germany

Philosophy and the Dialogue of Cultures with Foreign Studies Institute of Shandong University, China

Philosophy and the dialogue of cultures University of Paris VIII, France

Philosophy and the Contemporary World


Institute of Law

Bachelor’s programmes: 

Jurisprudence. General Profile

Master’s programmes: 

Translation and interpeting for public services and Institutions

Civil process, arbitration process

Сivil law, family law, entrepreneurial law, international private law

Constitutional law, municipal law

Corporate lawyer

International protection of human rights

International law (CIS network university)

International law

The organization and legal regulation of public procurement

Legal support of the local government activity

Natural resources, land and environmental law jointly with Eurasian National University (ENU) named after L.N. Gumilyov

Public economic law

Judicial power, public prosecutor ‘s supervision, organization of law enforcement, lawyers and notaries

Theory and history of state and law, comparative legal research jointly with the Eurasian National University named after  L.N. Gumilyov

Criminal law. Criminal procedure. Criminalistics

Criminal law. Criminal procedure. Criminalistics  (jointly with L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Kazakhstan)

Criminal law. Criminal proceeding  (part time form of education)

Energy law

Ecological Faculty

Bachelor’s programmes:

Ecology and Environmental Management

Energy and resource-saving processes in chemical technology, petrochemistry and biotechnologies


Master’s programmes: 

Environmental Management Ecological Safety Expertise

Economics of Natural Resource Management (in English)

Environmental management economics

Ecological Biotechnology taught in English

Sustainable Development and Ecological Safety in cooperation with Palermo University, Italy

Rational Environmental Management

Natural Resource Management in cooperation with the SCO Universities

Ecology and Natural Resource Management

Institute of World Economy and Business

Bachelor’s programmes: 


Advertising and public relations

Master’s programmes: 

Advertising Management

Contemporary Latin American Studies (in Spanish)

International Business (in cooperation with Edinburgh Napier University)

Management Major in International Management

PR Management (in cooperation with Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration)

PR Management

International Business (in English)

International Business

International Business  (in cooperation with the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis)

International  Finance and Banking

Foreign Language of Professional Communication and Specialized Translation (in cooperation with London Metropolitan University)

International Commercial Transactions (in cooperation with Edinburgh Napier University, in English)

International Commercial Transactions (in cooperation with Edinburgh Napier University)

International Commercial Transactions

Engineering Faculty

Bachelor’s programmes: 

Engineering business in high-tech branches of industry

Economy and management of fuel and energy complex companies

Master’s programmes: 

Training of Masters in Nanotechnology and Microsystem Technology

System Research in control problems


Faculty of Science

Bachelor’s programmes: 

Applied Mathematics and Informatics



Master’s programmes: 

Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds

Fundamental and Applied Chemistry

Master’s program “Chemistry of the Environments”

Master’s program ”Chemistry”

Pharmaceutical analysis in the production and quality control of drugs

Institute of Applied Technical and Economic Research and Expert Assessment

Bachelor’s programmes: 

Major in Management of Companies in Knowledge-Intensive Industries

Mathematical Methods for Satellite and Launch Vehicle Flight Mechanics

Master’s programmes: 

Management of Knowledge-Intensive Industries Master’s Programme

Management of Technical Systems

Organization and Management of Space Activities

Competitiveness Management in Rocket-and-Space Sector

Innovation Management in Industry and Industrial Construction

Mathematical Modelling in Space Exploration

Modern IT in Rocket-and-Space Sector

Computer Science and Information Technologies

Physico-Mathematical Methods and Models in Management of Complex Technical Systems of Rocket-and-Space Equipment

Economics and Management of Energy Economy

Near-Earth and Deep Space Mission Design

Economics of Space Activities

Institute of Foreign Languages

Bachelor’s programmes:

Theory and methods of foreign languages and cultures teaching

Theory and methods of foreign languages and cultures teaching – Ba International Business Languages / Ba (Hons) International Business Languages. Joint Programme with Edinburgh Napier University

Regional studies – European studies

Regional studies – Еuropean studies. Joint bachelor programme with Edinburgh Napies University

Practice and theory of translation

Practice and theory of translation. Joint Programme with Edinburgh Napier University

Psycho-pedagogical education

Master’s programmes:

Communication Theory and International Public Relations (PR) – Trilingual International

Relations. Joint Programme with the Roman Catholic University of Lille, France

Communication Theory and International Public Relations (PR) – Intercultural Business Communication. Joint Programme with Edinburgh Napier University

Regional Studies – European Studies

Psycho-Pedagogic Principles of Organizational and Managerial Activities

Communication Theory and International Public Relations (PR)

Philological Faculty

Bachelor’s programmes:




Advertising and public relations


Master’s programmes:

Psychology of management

Social Psychology

Applied international journalism

Interactive technologies in practical psychology

Literary Studies



Advertising and Public Relations


Organization of information production

Master’s program “Counselling’’

Russian Language and Literature (CIS Network University)

Russian as a foreign language

Russian language

Contemporary International Journalism

Social Psychology

Theory and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages

Theory of Translation and Cross-cultural Communication

Business Communication Management

Language and culture: Russia – Europe (in collaboration with the University of Bordeaux 3, France)


Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (in English)

Faculty of Economics

Bachelor’s programmes: 

Customs Affairs


Advertising and public relations

Accounting and Audit

General Management

Business Economics

General economics

Production Management

Urban Economics

Master’s programmes: 

International Marketing

International Trade

Corporate and Sectoral Economics

International Project Management

International Trade (in cooperation with the International Institute of Management)

International Marketing and Sales Management (night school)

Marketing of Innovations Under Current Technological Trends

The Real Estate Economics in Agro-Industrial Complex

Translation and interpreting for public services and institutions